Review #10: My Brother’s Wedding

52 reviews of 2015Insane. Hilarious. Nerve-wracking. Noisy. These are just some of the adjectives that can describe an Indian Wedding. Andaleeb Wajid’s My Brother’s Wedding is all about the insanity, hilarity and other things that ensue when Saba decides to blog about her brother’s upcoming wedding.

What starts out as a promised chronicle of a ‘typical Muslim wedding in detail’ gets a little more complicated when Saba suddenly finds herself embroiled in a little romance of her own. Then there is Ammi fretting about doing things Just Right, Abbu alarmed at the way the family coffers are diminishing, her siblings being decidely peculiar, her best friend getting at her for not taking her writing seriously, it’s no wonder that Saba wants to bury her problems in the anonymity of cyberspace.

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