Review #16: The Adventures of Stoob — Testing Times

52 reviews of 2015Samit Basu’s The Adventures of Stoob: Testing Times is the first of what is clearly turning into an entertaining series. It sees Stoob and his friends hurtle into an ‘incredibly dangerous’ adventure featuring… wait for it… exams!

With only two months left for Stoob and his gang to be done and dusted with junior school forever, Mrs ‘T-Rex’ Khanna, the school principal, drops a bombshell: to prepare them better for their entry into middle school, all class tests hereby stand cancelled and instead they can have all the excitement of final examinations! Whoopee! Not.

Read the full review at Review of book 2 here.


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  1. Hadn’t heard of this! Sounds fun!

    1. It’s a series, looks like. It is fun. 🙂 Your daughter might enjoy it too.

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