Reviews #24, #25, #26, #27: The Song of the Lioness quartet

52 reviews of 2015If you’re a reader of young adult fantasy and the name Tamora Pierce doesn’t sound familiar, I’d advise you to rectify that situation as soon as possible. Pierce specializes in fantasy adventure featuring brave, enterprising young women who want to follow their dreams. Her best known works are set in the make-believe universe of Tortall, where you can find magic, heroism, intrigue and a whole lot more, not to mention a slew of interesting characters.

The Song of the Lioness is a series of four books featuring young Alanna, at first an eleven-year-old girl who yearns to do something that is forbidden to her, that is, become a knight. So, of course, she disguises herself as a boy and switches places with her brother. And thus begins a rollicking tale that features not just friendship and adventure, but also magic, politics and war.

Song of the Lioness I: Alanna: The First Adventure
Song of the Lioness II: In the Hand of the Goddess
Song of the Lioness III: The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
Song of the Lioness IV: Lioness Rampant


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