Thai Diaries (day 6)


Until we meet again

Some catching up to do here! Anyhow, day 6 was all about farewells. To Mine, Maren and Liz, my companions on an intense, revealing, soul-searching journey. This was a small group, just the four of us, so I suppose we all connected pretty well. We were all from different parts of the world, of different ages, and different professions, who happened to be in the same place at the same time. I think we were all looking for something, and that is what bound us together.

We slayed some inner dragons together and found others that are allies. Something tells me our paths may cross yet.

My time at Museflower, though, was not over yet. I stay on for the four-day yoga retreat and to meet a few more people. Esther from Holland, who is travelling in Asia with her family—they aim to travel for a whole year or more, with Thailand being their first stop—ditched her other half and her offspring in Chiang Rai town for some alone time with Museflower’s spa programme. Cindy from Singapore—who does at least one solo holiday a year—was here for the yoga retreat. 

Our writing retreat facilitator Sarah was also joined by her boyfriend Roy.

Thus, from matters of the mind to matters of the physical body—a new experience was starting to reveal itself. Intending to go in with both feet, I exchanged my afternoon yoga session with a 60-minute TABATA-style functional training session, lead by the versatile A. Sixty seconds on, 30 seconds off—and at peak humidity (Museflower doesn’t have air conditioning in most of its public areas)—it was…interesting!


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