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Turkish delight (WANTED: A better heading!)

1 December 2006
Posted in: Books | 6 Comments

Lame headings apart, exciting stuff has been happening. Apart from a revolution by some of us at Openwebdesign.org (but more about that some day later), my publishers inform me that they are close to finalizing Turkish translation rights for my book A Shadow in Eternity.

The rights are being sold to an agency called Nurichan Kesim, and will be published by a press called Carpe Diem based in Istanbul. Nope, I cannot read Turkish, sadly. The Significant Other offered to do a risqué Bengali translation (which I can read) some months ago, but nothing came of it thankfully!

Anyway, :mrgreen:


6 Responses

  1. NiklasBoy says:

    Ooh! I can translate it to Swedish! *nods* I’ll be as good as ND about it too!

  2. Alpana says:

    Hey, that is cool! but why Turkish? Why not French or Chinese or something?

  3. Marie says:

    Ah ha! I updated! So what if it’s cheating?! It still counts.

  4. Payal says:

    @Alpana: It’s not up to me, is it?! What’s up with you? Got my SMS about new number?

    @Marie: Boo! 👿

  5. alpana says:

    hey I got no SMS. you in bangalore already? send me the no again and fast

  6. Kat says:

    Eek, I haven’t even been replying!

    *bites Jan* For luck!

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