The auto-cracy strikes again

Turns out from 1 March onwards, (most) autos in Delhi are going to stay off the roads after 4 p.m., demanding a fare hike from the government. This is an indefinite partial strike and comes close on the heels of a 48-hour strike last month. But it also turns out that no one asked the […]

Can’t buy you love

Something strange happened today—I almost found myself in agreement with HT City. “Are we being conned?” screamed the headlines, asking if Valentine’s day was a gimmick thought up to line the pockets of sellers of pink and heart-shaped things. Unfortunately, a closer look revealed that the placement of the story was probably a gimmick itself. […]

A hairy story

Fact: women’s body hair is dirty. And how do I know this? Because I’ve always been told you’re cleaner if you shave your legs; and, stretching that logic, unhygienic if you happen to have armpit hair. And it’s on TV and in the newspapers, so it must be triply true. Heck, according to the media, […]

Auto-rickshaw adventure

So much of my life is spent in auto-rickshaws that I figure I must have some stories to tell. Of course, being more of a homebody, I don’t travel quite as much as most other people—such as people with full-time jobs—but yes, any trip outside the house usually ends up involving an auto. And yes, […]

Hollaback Mumbai

Women around the globe fight street sexual harassment from the moment they step outside. It is an insidious form of violence that is usually brushed off as insignificant, and in India trivialized as ‘eve-teasing’. The Hollaback! movement is an international e-activism network against street sexual harassment, and it has just sprouted its first branch in […]