A hairy story

Fact: women’s body hair is dirty. And how do I know this? Because I’ve always been told you’re cleaner if you shave your legs; and, stretching that logic, unhygienic if you happen to have armpit hair. And it’s on TV and in the newspapers, so it must be triply true. Heck, according to the media, […]

Hollaback Mumbai

Women around the globe fight street sexual harassment from the moment they step outside. It is an insidious form of violence that is usually brushed off as insignificant, and in India trivialized as ‘eve-teasing’. The Hollaback! movement is an international e-activism network against street sexual harassment, and it has just sprouted its first branch in […]

National Girl Child Day

It turns out that 24 January was National Girl Child Day. In a country with an alarming sex ratio and no secret that it values boys over girls, there should be more fanfare about it. The general lack of awareness of such a stipulated day is not a shining testimony to its success. However, it […]

Support Irom Sarmila

Irom Sarmila, a political and civil rights activist, journalist and poet, has been on a hunger strike since 4 November 2000 demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (henceforth AFSPA), a draconian law that allows the security forces unrestricted and unaccounted powers in areas that are declared “disturbed”. Under the AFSPA, the […]

Say No to UID

The following is the text from the “Say No to UID” campaign, which seeks to oppose the Unique ID (UID) scheme of the Indian government. AN APPEAL TO CITIZENS: Eight reasons why you should oppose the UID(By Kalyani Menon Sen) The National Identification Authority of India Bill approved by the Union Cabinet on Friday has […]