National Girl Child Day

It turns out that 24 January was National Girl Child Day. In a country with an alarming sex ratio and no secret that it values boys over girls, there should be more fanfare about it. The general lack of awareness of such a stipulated day is not a shining testimony to its success. However, it […]

Support Irom Sarmila

Irom Sarmila, a political and civil rights activist, journalist and poet, has been on a hunger strike since 4 November 2000 demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (henceforth AFSPA), a draconian law that allows the security forces unrestricted and unaccounted powers in areas that are declared “disturbed”. Under the AFSPA, the […]

Say No to UID

The following is the text from the “Say No to UID” campaign, which seeks to oppose the Unique ID (UID) scheme of the Indian government. AN APPEAL TO CITIZENS: Eight reasons why you should oppose the UID(By Kalyani Menon Sen) The National Identification Authority of India Bill approved by the Union Cabinet on Friday has […]

Denounce the sexist swamy!

“Let your child be adventurous”, says Swamy Sukhabhodhananda in the Deccan Herald. As far as parenting advice goes, there doesn’t seem anything particularly objectionable about that. But then, here’s how he opens his article: One of the qualities of male energy is creativity. The male energy in us always wants to achieve; always wants to […]

Apple unearths labour violations

Sorry, this is no follow up of Naomi Klein’s celebrated book No Logo, which exposes the dark secrets of the working environments in the factories of many big brands. Nor is this the expose by any investigative journalist. The hard truths were revealed by Apple itself, which conducted an onsite audit of its 102 facilities […]

Bhopal: 25 Years Later (Part 2)

A unique buffet Twenty-five years down the line, the scars of the Bhopal gas leak tragedy continue to haunt the lives of the natives. As the ongoing campaign to bring justice to the survivors continues unabated, the following is a first-hand account of a unique protest: A quarter century later Bhopal’s survivors are still fighting […]

Bhopal disaster: 25 years later

Darkest before dawn While the city of Bhopal slept on the night of 3–4 December 1984, they were unaware of the 27 tonnes of toxic gases that leaked from the Union Carbide Plant, exposing half a million people to a poisonous gas cloud containing methyl isocyanate, and possibly carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, nitrogen oxides, phosgene, […]