Maiden fanfiction!

My first fanfiction! It is a momentous enough occasion to merit a new post, so here it is. And for it I must thank Laura.

It is slightly spooky to read of my own characters being written about by someone else, but it isn’t a wholly unpleasing experience. The “author” has done a good job, I must say! It is a short encounter between two characters who appear in A Shadow in Eternity.

This happens about twenty years ago, and Chiyo and Kilyana are both Preferred in training at the Halvard Castle. Tensions run high between the two women after a charged combat training session that goes slightly wrong.

(For obvious reasons I can neither post the fanfic on my site; nor would it be right for me to distribute it. So please don’t ask me for it!)

On the subject, the Halvard Castle Data Network has a new look. People have been complaining about the stark look, but please remember, it is the Halvard Castle’s OFFICIAL site, not the site of the book(s) or author!


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  1. Reply

    Congratulations! This sounds interesting. Idont get the obvious reasons for you not disclosing the source though.

  2. Nimish


    Chiyo and Kilyana!! Ye Gods! Talk about combining physics, chemistry and biology!

  3. Reply

    The “obvious reasons” are that the story “belongs” to someone else and – while I am very flattered and enjoyed it – I do not endorse it in any way!

    Also, the source is very much disclosed :mrgreen:

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