Nails do grow back!

What happened at Edgbaston on Sunday, 7 August, must surely go down as one of the most amazing Test matches of all time! Down and out for all counts, needing over a 100 runs with just the two wickets standing, no one in their right minds thought that it would take more than a quarter of an hour at the most.

Two hours later no one was moving from their seats, for Shane Warne and then Brett Lee took Australia to within sniffing distance to what would have been arguably the most remarkable victory of all time. In the end, they fell short of just two runs, and England levelled the series. What is sad is that the decisive finger raised by umpire Billy Bowden (Michael Kasprowicz caught behind) was, as TV replays later showed, and as the Significant Other’s keen naked eye caught even without the benefit of slow motion, was incorrect.

Honestly, I don’t think Australia are going to make a song and dance about it. (Mind you, if this was India, they would have crying racist conspiracy!) If anything, the Aussies came out of it with their heads held relatively higher than it looked likely at the end of the third day’s play. Though, perhaps, a sound thrashing would have served them better in the long run because:

  1. It would have sent the Australian think-tank back to the drawing board to sort out their batting.
  2. Ricky Ponting’s captaincy would have come under scrutiny, mainly, why he put England in after winning the toss.

It’s back to square one for the Ashes. With three more Tests to go, it is anybody’s urn this time around. Remember, drawing the series means Australia keep the Ashes. For England to win it back, they have to win the series.

Meanwhile, rejoice! the football season is under way. Arsenal and Chelsea locked horns in the Community Shield this weekend. The Blues won, and hopefully have used up their silverware quota for the season 😛 ! Traditionally, the winner of the Community Shield has a quiet season.

We shall see!


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  1. rudra ghose says: Reply

    I liked what I read…but something tells me you hate the Indian cricket team. Is that by choice, or are you and your ‘significant other’ just trying to make a pseudo statement??

  2. Pseudo or not: you decide!

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