More power to Cyberia!

Never underestimate the power of the online community! One of them is actually making me redesign my Web site! And another—well, one particular person—has talked me into tinkering with the innards of Word Press to create my own blog theme!!!

Excuse me while I go and faint…. There is only so much initiative my system can handle!

CSS Reboot is a community of Web developers who have signed up to redesign and relaunch their sites on 1 November 2005 at 1200 GMT. What’s so special? Well, nothing really. Unless you count the fact that over 850 developers from all over the world have just got together to have some fun. In the bargain, we all get to make brand new, standards-compliant designs for our sites. (So far, mine has issues with Internet Explorer; which means it is as standards-compliant as one can get!) There are no prizes or anything—it’s just a party!

Moiraine’s World is the first online community I got really involved with. For the WoT-uninitiated, it is a forum dedicated to a remarkable fictional woman called Moiraine, a character from author Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time (WoT) series. Moiraine’s World has its share of oddballs—and one of them is writing this!—but it’s great fun. And I have made a few friends in the bargain.

The Open Source Web Design forum (OSWD) is having a bit of a blip this last week or so. They are having ‘technical difficulties’ and are off air at the moment. However, it is an amazing place! Web designers—both professional and amateur—release their designs on it. As the name suggests, the designs are open source, and freely available for anyone to use and modify. The emphasis is on table-less CSS-based designs. The only catch is, it must validate according to W3C standards. Personally, my contribution has been minimal—just the one design uploaded—but there are any number of people who have helped me learn a great deal about design.

In an age long past, when I used to own an iMac, the Apple discussion forum used to be a favourite haunt. Living in India, where the term ‘Mac-compatible’ gets you blank stares, this one bailed me out many times over. I remember, someone actually sent me a software CD to fix a problem I was having!

So, you see, Cyberia is a fun place to be!


9 Replies to “More power to Cyberia!”

  1. *giggles madly*

    I’m an oddball!

  2. Yes, you are! *denies being one* 😉

  3. Ye cannot deny!

  4. Me, Vertex boy says: Reply

    I think I need to join that Open Source Web Design forum really really badly when it is back because css is being really abusive to me.

  5. I hope it comes back soon. I need help with my CSS too, which is not being friendly with IE… but then, that is a good thing, right?

  6. Why should anything be friendly with IE?

    Laura! *denies, denies, denies* :p

  7. Eep *blush* sorry! I corrected it! (No one had even noticed it – just shows! 😉 )

  8. oh. my site is back up, in case you didn’t know. So you can either keep my link for myspace or change it back to my blog. It doesn’t matter to me, but I thought I’d let you know (even it has been awhile…lol sorry.)

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