The Key of Chaos: From the blurb

From the blurb of The Key of Chaos:

The Key of Chaos

“I never got to tell him I’m sorry.”

Meet Maya Subramaniam: thirteen years old, schoolgirl by day, Preferred by night.

Throw in a pair of disapproving parents intent on stopping her forays into an alternate world, a two-metre-tall Watcher who can sense her state of mind, and Lev, her best friend, who could technically be her worst enemy.

Certainly, Maya’s life is quite full, and the last thing she needs is an unpleasant involvement with an ancient conspiracy. But being in possession of a valuable artefact belonging to the renegade Warriors of the Shadow, she has little choice in the matter. The question is, should she believe a two-thousand-year-old jumble of calculations, or follow her instincts and trust her Watcher’s logic?

As events spiral towards a grim climax, Maya, Lev and their Watchers are caught in a deadly race. Will they win? And at what cost?

3 Replies to “The Key of Chaos: From the blurb”

  1. That’s a tiny cover… is it a really short book? Or is the font just really small?

    I suppose it is better than the last one anyways. Maybe you can use it as a background image and loop it around the book so that you can use a readable fontsize?

    Although, if the font is really small it might go down with critics as “Oh! How daring and refreshing! I haven’t read anything like this since I broke my glasses the last time!” and give lots of awards.

  2. The cover’s on much the same lines as the previous book, isn’t it? I won’t lie – I don’t like it all that much. Loved the cover for the Turkish edn, though, you know that! 🙂

    Who does the blurb? I hope you have some say in it!

  3. I can’t really see too much of the cover but I like the colors of it, and I like it more than the last book’s cover.

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