Ten random facts about me!

Marie, Kate and I have a pact to update our respective blogs by midnight today, so here I am, with ten random things about myself. (As originally told to Laura, but the points may differ as they are… well… random!):

  1. No movie has ever made me cry.
  2. I get random obsessions, which consume me. (The current one is the Doctor Who TV series [Ninth Doctor]!)
  3. I’d love to be able to stand up in front of a crowd and entertain them, but am too scared to!
  4. Actually, I have been on stage—in a play—and I quite liked it.
  5. My favourite colour is blue.
  6. I have a low body temperature.
  7. January is my favourite month.
  8. I’m a chronic worrier.
  9. It amuses me when people ask me if the character Jan Carlsson in my books is based on me because of the name! (The answer is: No, but I’m flattered!)
  10. I can do funny voices if I want to.

So, am I odder than you thought?! If you’re brave enough to share ten random facts about yourself, feel free to use the comments system, or update your own blog and leave me a message to link you from this post!

EDIT: Proteeti has taken up the challenge! Anyone else?!


5 Replies to “Ten random facts about me!”

  1. I didn’t know a lot of those things! :mrgreen: You aren’t.

  2. You are about as odd as I thought you were. 😛

  3. Hey, din’t know you could do funny voices or that you are a worrier! that’s interesting.

  4. I think I like you more now! 😀

    And hey – challenge (for want of a better word) accepted! This shall be my newest blog entry, then!

  5. […] award, I must list ten things about myself. This is sort of hard, since I’ve already listed ten random facts about me and I’m not sure there are any others. Even though that list is almost three and a half years […]

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