The other side

“Sexy sixty”. That is what the media is calling it. But you don’t have to be a hardened cynic like me to realize that the media had sold out years ago.

While almost every publication has gone to town about the sun shining out of the various orifices of this sixty-year-old nation, only one newspaper—Indian Express, but no marks for guessing—caught on to this story.

We pat ourselves on the back on being part of one of the fastest growing economies of the world, yet we need only to look out of the window to see that the so-called development has affected only the already well-off, leaving those who need it the most untouched. The poorest of the poor still struggle to eke out a meagre existence, living in appalling conditions, lacking even the basic dignities of existence.

We celebrate the fact that only about a fourth of the billion-strong population is now under the poverty line, yet we define poverty as earning Rs 12/- (about USD 0.30) or under a day.


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  1. Well, when you are Sixty you needs alot of makeup to be sexy! Maybe that’s what they means? Eventhough Democracies are like adored and loved, they seem to not be too efficient in poor 3rd world places.

  2. No, democracies only work in advanced nations like the USA, where they don’t even know how to print ballots!

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