Five lessons Doctor Who taught me

TardisThey call it the idiot box, but is it really that idiotic? Without TV there would be no Doctor Who (and Torchwood), and where would we have learnt the following important lessons:

  1. Always wear comfortable shoes for you never know when you might have to run from aliens. (This rule doesn’t apply if you are Laura Holt or Dana Scully. Then you may wear high heels.)
  2. Size doesn’t matter, because it might just be bigger on the inside.
  3. Don’t move to London. It is very traumatic living there. No, not just terror threats, but those 1950s-telephone-box chases down the motorway, alien invasions, hospitals disappearing, upside-down raining, Daleks in the sky, Cybermen on the streets…
  4. If your boss is a good-looking, charismatic guy with an American accent who’s a bit cagey about his past, he’s probably an omnisexual(!) and immortal 51st-century con man trapped in our time. And if you happen to be near death, have him close by so he can kiss you better.
  5. In a hi-tech crisis, you’ll always know which buttons to press and levers to pull; how to reboot entire systems, launch spaceships, activate backup or auxilliary controls, access backdoors, switch to alternative power sources, and so on. So don’t worry, and no need to read the manual.


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  1. Can’t think of stuff to add right now, but yeah, *giggle*.

  2. Jan…oh Jan. You poor addicted fool, you. 😥

  3. 5 is very good to know!

  4. And what is even worse than addiction to Brittish men, your ads have not adjusted but keeps showing really useless links. You should tell them that they are being useless and then I think you should try yahoo’s adds… they are after all probably chasing after google really really much so maybe they offers better deals than they?

    Eee! When I entered the spam protection thing I noticed that it provides a related link at least. Although the site it links too, seems a bit odd..

  5. The Doctor isn’t British! He’s Gallifreyan, which makes him a Time Lord, and quite proud of it from what I can gather, even though it doesn’t exist any more. It will break both his hearts if you think he’s British.

    Oh, did I mention he’s not human either?

  6. Oy, some one called you a fool! *Gasp!* I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!


    (am trying to string together something funny, but it;s coming out rather nasty instead, so shall drop it and swan off instead!)

  7. *giggles* I see ads are not a worthy topic to compete with the doctor! And I do apologize for thinking him Brittish. It was probably the little blue stand he keeps around that made me think so… Google turned into an ad in my last post comment and it is entirely useless and uninteresting too! Umm… What I meant to say is that I just thought I picked up a few optical resonances from a time vessle with my Digital SLR 300D and from the basic EFS 18-55 optical lense, I could hear the doctor saying that Yahoo ads were much better and probably worth a try.

  8. Hereby be notified, the Sanctified Rule No. 900 of Whovian Combat:

    We shall hop on to our timey-wimeys and ding all the nay-sayers to Raxacoricofallapatorious. If they still don’t get it they are forewarned to not blink, else they can prepare to be deleted or exterminated (the choice will be offered, as negotiated in the treaty of the Boeshane Peninsula).

    Allons-y! Here come the drums!

  9. Yay, now the whole world knows I’m not alone in my insanity!

  10. Of course, YANA!

  11. ha ha!

    I bow to thee!

  12. *really really scared now*

  13. *pets* There, there… It’s not contagious *lies*

  14. An addiction to Doctor Who is necessary for a healthy life style.

    These facts are very true.

    London is surely only very dangerous at Christmas time though. People should flee at Christmas, for alien invasions only appear to happen around that time.

    How the mind wonders why?


    Voyage of the Damned – Christmas 2007

    The Queen has to leave Buckingham Palace, like the rest of the abandoned population, for the Titanic appears to be heading towards her.

    Of course, the Doctor saves the day, for where would we be without him. Him who heals others.


    I Love Doctor Who.


  15. Hi Minnie, always nice to meet a kindred spirit with a healty Doctor Who addition 😉

    Voyage of the Damned was a bit disappointing, in my opinion, but I look forward to the rest of the series! And Rose!

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