Jan001: New Web template

Oh joy! After a long, long time, I finally got around to finishing a new Web template. Here it is—have your way with it: View and Download!

As you may have guessed, I got tired of thinking up witty and appropriate names for my templates; so henceforth they will be numbered. And no marks for guessing what the theme of the 007 design is going to be! 😉

I am also behind in my Word Press theming—I had promised someone to port one of the other designs into a WP theme, but haven’t found the time. However, I am on it—honest—and feel free to ask for a WP theme of Jan 001 or any of my other designs using the comments system here.

If you happen to download it, please let me know what you thought of it. Also, though it is public domain, I would be grateful if you left the “Design by” link in the footer intact.


11 Replies to “Jan001: New Web template”

  1. *commissions Jan* 😈 I mean 🙂


    Um, Aizel!


  2. 💡 Ooh, Jan…

    This makes me want to work on my blog. >:P

  3. @Marie: STOP propositioning Aizel every-bloody-where! 👿

    @Kate: Hold on to that thought and do something about it 😈

  4. 😮 I choose laziness!

  5. I encourage Kate’s laziness.

  6. *sits back and notupdates*


  7. That’s right, Kate!!! You show her who is boss!!!!

  8. *sighs* Why not do something constructive? Like download the template?

  9. Because my blog is already pretty. 👿

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