A refreshed WP 3.2

Now you can compose your WordPress posts and pages on a blank screen without the distractions of a menu, buttons and so on. The fullscreen writing mode (or zen mode) is one of the new features of the recently released WordPress 3.2. Simply click on the Fullscreen button and watch as everything fades away, leaving […]

Reboot successful!

Hallelujah! Finally managed to redesign Writeside.net. It was many years coming, thus the theme is named “Belated”. It’s based on an old design of mine. (To be honest, the theme was looking much better while I was designing it; it’s lost its charm after all the hard work and sleepless nights.) Extensive changes have taken […]

WordPress 3 is here

Writer’s Log is now running on the spanking new WordPress 3.0, codenamed “Thelonious”. The upgrade was done automatically from WP 2.9.x and it happened in the blinking of an eye. Things are running smoothly subsequently. WP 3.0 features the integration of WordPress with WordPress MU (multi-user), a slimline dashboard, a new default theme called TwentyTen […]