A refreshed WP 3.2

WordPress 3.2Now you can compose your WordPress posts and pages on a blank screen without the distractions of a menu, buttons and so on. The fullscreen writing mode (or zen mode) is one of the new features of the recently released WordPress 3.2. Simply click on the Fullscreen button and watch as everything fades away, leaving you to just write. If you move your mouse towards the top of the window, basic interface elements to add/edit a link and image, save your post/page or exit fullscreen mode appear. You also get a word count at the bottom.

Other features of the new and improved WP include a redesigned Dashboard and admin bar, and plenty of under-the-hood tweaks that make WP lighter and faster on its feet.

Unless you’re using a really old version of WP, the upgrade should be available through your Dashboard. Just click on ‘Upgrade now’, sit back and let WP sort it out for you. To do it the hard way, you can download it from WordPress.org.

Writeside.net has already refreshed itself with WP 3.2. Have you?


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