Saturday Night Freeware: Itsy

ItsyItsy is the Twitter client I use on Mac OS. As its name indicates, it is small and light, which is why I like it. It’s easy to use and, most importantly, not in-your-face, so it stays in the background till you need it. It might be basic, but takes care of my Tweeting needs. Hence, it is this week’s Saturday Night Freeware.

The home screen shows your timeline, though you can also view the chronology of mentions and direct messages. There is a search tab built in as well. It would have been good to have a retweets tab too. A small text balloon icon on the top right activates the text box to type your messages to the world.

It integrates with Growl; shows images from Yfrog, Twitpic, Imgur and Instagram inline; shows reply chains; is skinnable; and opens links in the background in your default browser. Most of all, it is cute in its tiny-ness. I usually keep the Itsy window shut and when there are messages I get notified by the icon in the menu bar changing to a smiley and the one in the dock winking.

Overall, Itsy doesn’t compare to the likes of TweetDeck, with its panels and what not, but it works perfectly for me since I wanted a simple, lightweight client for my occasional Tweeting. You can get Itsy from the Mac App Store or download it from


2 Replies to “Saturday Night Freeware: Itsy”

  1. It looks lovely but it is really necessary with a dedicated client? I never tried one but then I’ve only managed two or three tweets in all. *shames*

    1. Sometimes it’s too much bother to go open a browser, go to a site and then sign in. You know I’m lazy. 😛

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