My Windows’ armoury

Even though Windows isn’t my everyday OS, I do look in for a bit of housekeeping fairly regularly. It is still my gaming platform of choice and, of course, I have to keep popping back whenever I need to review software or test a website. Earlier tonight, when I found my antivirus application wasn’t loading […]

Disappointed by Opera

I won’t deny that I have a soft spot for Opera (the browser, not the art form). We go way back—to the days when tabbed browsing was a novelty offered up only by them. Compared to the behemoths, Opera of that time was greased lightning, loading pages significantly faster. And when they came up with […]


(Freedoom was supposed to be tonight’s Saturday Night Freeware, but thanks to an unreliable Internet connection, I wasn’t able to test it.) Freedom is a collaborative project to create a complete game based on the Doom engine. The makers of the Doom, iD Software, released the game engine as free software under the GNU GPL […]

Saturday Night Freeware: Floola

**Updated, with image, on popular demand** When it comes to managing my iPod, I find iTunes extremely annoying. After plenty of trial and error (including more than one case of accidental iPod wiping), Floola iPod has emerged as a favourite, making it this week’s Saturday Night Freeware. Floola is available in two flavours — Floola […]