Saturday Night Freeware: Web Developer Toolbar

Web Developer Toolbar

It’d be hard to name my favourite Firefox addon, but Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar would certainly be a contender. Thus, it is this week’s Saturday Night Freeware.

This addon installs a toolbar with a host of Web developer tools and is available for Chrome as well as Firefox on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. If you’re in the business of making websites — or just like to study how they are constructed — the Web Developer Toolbar will puts all kinds of tools at your fingertips, accessible through well-organized drop-down lists.

With this extension, it is easy to view source; display anchors, accesskeys, class and ID details, div order and meta tag information; outline frames, headings, block-level elements and links; validate HTML, CSS, links and Section 508; disable styles, cookies, images, Java and JavaScript; and lots and lots more.

By default a context menu item is added when the extension is installed, but it can be turned off from the options. You can also add keyboard shortcuts, colours and fonts, add or edit validation links, and much more. The Web Developer Toolbar works fine with Firefox 5. If you need help or are stuck, there is a help page accessible from the Options menu.

I’ve been using the Web Developer extension for many years now; in fact, I find it pretty much indispensable. Highly, highly recommended if you’re in the website-building/maintaining line of work or would like to learn about it. A bit thank you to Chris Pederick for sharing this amazing extension.


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  1. I like this addon too 🙂 It is very handy and works great with firebug.

  2. Chris Pederick says he’s working on an update too.

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