What does your URL really say?

Thinking of getting your own website? Not a bad idea. But here’s a really good tip — when you choose your domain name, write it down and read it. Carefully. Make other people read it. Then read it yourself again.

This can’t be stressed enough: Make really you sure your URL says exactly what you think it does. If you slip up, you could end like the following sites who dashed the expectations of their visitors:

  1. Penisland.com really is only selling pens.
  2. Whorepresents.com has nothing to do with the world’s oldest profession.
  3. Expertsexchange.com will not help with transition surgery.
  4. Speedofart.com does not sell smelly swimwear.
  5. Molestationnursery.com is really safer than it sounds.
  6. As is Therapistfinder.com.
  7. Powergenitalia.com isn’t a site about dirty superhero stories.
  8. IPanywhere.com isn’t a threat.

(This list is nicked from here, who may have a few more examples.)

No, really, what does your URL say?


3 Replies to “What does your URL really say?”

  1. Bet these sites get tons of more traffic because of their names.

  2. I agree! Maybe I should change my URl too 😛

  3. *brainstorms* payalover, but you’d need to go into the over business, whatever that might be, for it to make sense.

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