WordPress 3 is here

Writer’s Log is now running on the spanking new WordPress 3.0, codenamed “Thelonious”. The upgrade was done automatically from WP 2.9.x and it happened in the blinking of an eye. Things are running smoothly subsequently.

WP 3.0 features the integration of WordPress with WordPress MU (multi-user), a slimline dashboard, a new default theme called TwentyTen that shows off all of the new WP’s bells and whistles, and lots of nice touches.

For one, now you can choose a custom name during manual installation instead of the default “admin” and a bulk update feature lets you update multiple plugins and your WP installation at the same time. Using custom menus, backgrounds and headers is much easier now, all possible from within the Dashboard instead of having to edit files. You can also generate short links. Various other new features make is easier to use WP as a full-fledged content management system as opposed to just a blog interface.

Oh, and lest one forgets, there are over 1,200 bug fixes as well. Check out the full list of features or watch a video:


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