Hey Kitty!

Some seriously freakish things have been happening to me lately — not the least of which is the complete disappearance of the post about my new Web template, Jan 004: Hey Kitty!. Anyway, to cut a long story short, this a new Web template for download, created in honour of a friend’s birthday. Download it […]

Get Free Web Designs

Need a new Web design? Try the brand new Get Free Web Designs. Choose from a showcase of 172 XHTML/CSS-compliant designs — and growing fast — from talented designers such as Wolfram Fiedler, Karen Blundell, Rambling Soul and many more. Some of my templates are up there too, and maybe now I’ll be motivated to […]

We have upgraded…

… to Word Press 2.5. It has an all-new Dashboard, which is what they call the admin interface. It’s not terribly exciting, as you can see. Well, you probably can’t, but take my word for it. That said, it is a relief to see something different finally. I was heartily sick of the previous Dashboard, […]

32 not out

Does two years make a tradition? Well, I don’t know, but it’s certainly a start. So, I have a little tradition of my own—where I make a special template every year on my birthday. Not that there’s anything special about it—and I must admit to it being a little childish!—apart from being released on my […]

Tsk tsk, says Opera to Microsoft

Opera Software, the Norway-based company that makes the Opera browsers, “the only company that can put the Web on any device”, has smacked Microsoft on its bottom and tried to send it to bed with bread and water. Well, actually, what’s really happened is that Opera has filed and antitrust complaint with the EU against […]