A revolution is under way

… at Writeside.net. It will be bloodless, but expect plenty of changes, both superficial and under the skin.

To start with, I’m working on a long-overdue redesign. Second, I’m also working on moving the entire site, along with the Books section, to WordPress. The latter will be a long and tedious project. Sigh.

Finally, the Halvard Castle site will see some changes as well, though am not sure yet what those will be.

Wish us luck!


4 Replies to “A revolution is under way”

  1. So, the Queen is dead, long live the Queen? Or is it a King?

  2. Best of luck, Payal! Looking forward to the changes!

  3. An update: things are going pretty well. I’ve got the nuts and bolts under control locally, though I still have to hammer out the details of the new design. 🙂 As for transferring it online… that will probably be another story altogether!

  4. I strongly suspect it is a boy website…no pink anywhere. That’s how you tell on babies.

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