Revisiting Shakespeare’s town

Following Niklas’s advice of being an exhibitionist — but mostly after the scare of nearly losing all my photos — I finally kicked my lazy butt into putting up my Britain pics. No, don’t worry, I will not subject the public at large to every last one of those 1,396 photos. Instead, what will follow are a selection of the better ones, categorized by location, spread over a number of posts.

To kick off are photographs from my two-day trip of Stratford-Upon-Avon. This was my second visit to Shakespeare country, and even more memorable than the first. Of course, Hamlet had a lot to do with that. Altogether, it is a quaint little town, and all you need are a map, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a few hours to spare to explore the whole place. Of course, an umbrella is a given anywhere in England!

My only worry was how to get home from the theatre at night — it’d be almost midnight — but Paul, my B&B guy looked at me incredulously and said, “You walk!” He was also very disappointed in me that I’d chosen to give my extra Hamlet ticket back to the Royal Shakespeare Company in exchange for my money back, when they were going for up to £400 in the black market! However, a vision of me languishing in prison instead of enjoying the play had flashed across my mind…

I met some interesting people. One was Martha, a Canadian college student who bought the ticket I returned. The other was Sam the ferry operator. It transpired he had been to Bangalore, and our chat about Lalbagh made two old ladies almost miss their bus. My one night in Stratford was my first solo holiday, and I realized I would be wanting more of those in future!

Clicky on the collage to go to my Stratford album.

Stratford collage

(P.S.: If you’d like to comment on any of the photos, do so here and not on the album, please.)

4 Replies to “Revisiting Shakespeare’s town”

  1. Niklas, with his mighty voice says: Reply

    (P.S.: If you’d like to comment on any of the photos, do so here and not on the album, please.)

    😀 I didn’t do as told!

  2. Oh, it’s lovely there. It’s much prettier than I thought it’d be actually. I thought the theater would just be nice in a touristy area, but it’s all pretty.

  3. Loved the photos – especially the ones of the quaint old buildings – *sighs* why can’t all our quaint old buildings be heritage protected too? And I love old doors too – so adored the one you photographed!

    And I can see someone still hasn’t got over David Tenant’s Hamlet! 😀

    It was all so lovely – lucky you, for having gone on that trip!

  4. Yeah, lucky me, but right now I could really do with the money I spent on the trip as I HAVE to buy a new computer very soon! Looks like my Cal trip is off 🙁

    As for Mr. T, I didn’t know I had to get over him 😉

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