London: First Leg

I had a few days to kill in London before my Scotland trip, and killing time in London is not difficult at all. Having some fond memories of Maritime Greenwich, I decided to revisit it. It happened to be one of the most perfect days weather-wise of my three-week stay, but the one place I was most fascinated by was the underwater Greenwich Foot Tunnel that scales the two sides of the Thames.

Climbing down an unending flight of winding stairs — there were about 90 steps — you come to a cold, spooky tunnel that dips downwards and disappears off to a point. As you plod your way through and see some small puddles and patches of dampness, it suddenly strikes you that you have a whole bloody river above and around you! It was creepy in a nice sort of way — nice enough that I had to go back and forth twice.

The other highlight was the Prime Meridian and the Royal Observatory. It was a nice walk through the grounds of the National Maritime Museum and a decent climb to reach it, but was worth it in the end. I didn’t have the patience to stand in line and get photographed with my feet planted on two sides of the Prime Meridian, so I cheated. The view from up there was great though, and the Camera Obscura was fascinating.

The next day I went over to the British Museum to take a look at the stuff the Brits have pinched from all over the world over the ages. It was quite fantastic, to be honest, but I haven’t bothered to put up photos — heck, we’ve seen them all in our history books!

That night Sumaira met me at Victoria Station to collect our Scotland train tickets, and we roamed around Trafalgar Square and Soho before heading home for a night before the TV like a couple of sad, old women!

Anyway, click on the collage:

London first leg


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  1. Niklas, with his mighty voice says: Reply

    I liked the Bug piccie best! Well, it was the personal one. The ‘View of the Maritime Museum grounds from the Royal Observatory.’ was fancy because it was from hi up.

    Niklas also enjoyed the British Museum when he was in London…especially their collection of insane old clocks.

  2. Oh, if you liked the one from the Royal Observatory, you’ll love the one of Edinburgh from almost the top of the Scott Monument!


  3. I also like the Payal pic best! I liked the weird looking tunnel and the nice shot of all that green on the way to the Observatory you got too!

    What sort of clocks?

  4. Enjoyed these pics too – thanks for – finally! – putting these up. And I agree with Niklas and Kat – I liked your pic the most too! Been over a year since we last met – and you’ve grown your hair!

    And I want to see your Scotland photos now – so hurry up and put them up!

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