Still here!

Is there a subcategory of writer’s block for bloggers? If not, it’s high time it was invented. I don’t recall having had to take a month’s gap between posts in all the time that I have had Writer’s Log, not even when I’ve been away on holiday.

Why is it so difficult to find the time or inclination to write a few hundred words every few days? Quite inexplicable, especially given the fact that one of the first lessons I learnt in journalism school was that a writer/journalist should be able to write 1,000 words (of crap?!) on just about anything! And it isn’t like the last weeks have been completely bereft of incident, whether in my life or in the world in general.

Here are the things I’ve thought of writing about at various times, but never got around to:

  1. The Mumbai attacks, especially the irresponsible and disappointing media coverage.
  2. My works-in-progress, giving an update on, among others, The Timeless Land (which I believe is being typeset).
  3. Books, after having discovered an interesting crime series — the Martin Beck series by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö (anyone who can tell me how to pronounce those will get… um… cookies).
  4. Putting up my Cardiff photos… 😳
  5. And, finally, about my experiences in switching from Windows to Mac.

Maybe some day soon they’ll all get done.

(P.S.: And hence proved that I can write a few paras of rubbish on nothing at all!)

4 Replies to “Still here!”

  1. As possibly one of the most irregular bloggers ever, I can identify with your post completely – these days, I’ve taken to looking upon writing a post every now and then as a sort of reward – I shall complete editing a couple of chapters/articles, then shall allow myself a well-deserved break which I will spend pottering about happily on my blog – that sort of thing.

    Look forward to your Martin Beck post – and when you do figure out how to pronounce those names, remember to tell me!

  2. In this spirit of writing a post about nothing, here is a comment on the same subject. 🙂 And their names are pronounced as they are spelled in Swedish.

  3. Swedes have no concept of spelling! 👿

  4. *empathises with not-updating-blog blues*

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