A few lusty blows

This blog challenge that Kate, Marie and I decided to tease ourselves with was to list between five and ten fictional characters we’d like to have a fling with.

Ideally one would like to describe a “fling” as an uncomplicated roll in the hay, but the sad truth is that one finds fictional characters fling-able because one is attracted to them in various ways that makes one find “potential” in them, as one friend puts it. And this truth is a sad one because these wonderful people we lust after are just a figment of someone else’s imagination, and ne’er the twain shall meet!

Which makes us challenge participants a sadder lot, but that’s besides the point. So here goes in alphabetical order:

  1. Miranda Bailey: Of course, everyone knows and loves Dr Bailey of Grey’s Anatomy, that sarcastic, no-nonsense resident at Seattle Grace Hospital who is nicknamed “the Nazi” by her interns. Portrayed brilliantly by Chandra Wilson, Bailey would be horrified to hear that she is completely cute! If I’d been ranking this list, she’d be near the top.
  2. Laura HoltLaura Holt:Portrayed by actor Stephanie Zimbalist, Laura Holt is the brains (you could say the brawn too) behind the Remington Steele detective agency in the series Remington Steele. She is strong, intelligent, resourceful, sensitive, with a dash of daring and a flair for finding herself in the middle of the excitement.
  3. Edgar Wield: Sergeant Wield is a character in Reginald Hill’s Dalziel and Pascoe series of books. It has been televised as well, but it is the book character I refer to. Wield is ugly as sin, but has a heart of gold and a brain like a computer. He is also uncompromisingly gay, but this is my fantasy, right? (Read a profile of Wield.)
  4. Dana Scully: There is no other way of putting it—Scully makes me go weak all over! And I love her logic and her need to explain and understand everything.
  5. Spock: It is probably every Trekkie’s fantasy to break through Spock’s icy countenance, and I am no different. That raised eyebrow and those pointy ears have kept him on my list since I was a teenager. The only question that bothers me slightly is, does being with a half-Vulcan mean I’ll be getting some only once every seven years? Just as well I have all these other people on the list…
  6. Barbara Havers: Right… now this is one that might surprise people who have read the Inspector Lynley novels. (Once again, there’s a tele-series, but I refer to the books.) Scruffy, unpredictable, abrasive—there seems nothing likeable about Sergeant Havers of New Scotland Yard. But beneath the rough exterior is a sad and lost soul that brings out the protective best (or worst!) in me. She is also a smoker, which would otherwise really put me off, but for some reason the completely ordinary and extremely flawed Havers has always attracted me.
  7. Judge GrayJudge Gray:Judge Amy Gray from Judging Amy is a single parent living with her own mother. A family court judge, Judge Gray often called upon to make tough decisions that change lives. Despite being a strong and inspiring figure, she has a certain vulnerability about her that I find very endearing.
  8. Mark Darcy:This is the Mr Darcy from Bridget Jones’s Diary as portrayed by the lovely Colin Firth, of course. No explanations required. And he’s rich too! (He’s also the only reasonably good-looking male on my list. I wonder why.)
  9. Ninth DoctorThe Ninth Doctor:The Doctor has a time machine, and he can take me to wherever and whenever I want—heck, who wouldn’t sleep with him? But it’s the Ninth incarnation played by Christopher Eccleston that I’m particularly interested in—the “northern” accent, those sticky-out ears and long nose… oh yes, make place for yet another ugly guy on my list!
  10. Toshiko SatoToshiko Sato: Sweet and nice and lost. That’s what describes Toshiko Sato (actor Naoko Mori) of TV series Torchwood completely. A complete geek, but with a sad and murky past, Tosh has also always been very unfortunate in matters of romance, and therefore is due a change!

And, finally:

(Also ran:: Captain Jack Harkness: I want to want to have a fling with Captain Jack of Doctor Who and Torchwood, but I just don’t see it happening. I admire his openness in matters of sex and sexuality, and the way he is unrestrained by the trappings of 21st-century [patriarchal?] perceptions of right and wrong. I think I am more attracted to his 51st-century morals than the man himself!)

So, that’s all folks… Well, in fact, not really. That’s only all the names I can think of right now. And, by the way, Swapna, you have been tagged!


10 Replies to “A few lusty blows”

  1. I would have thought you would have the Ninth Doctor AND Chris Ecc!

  2. My goodness. I’m speechless. I had no idea…I see you in a whole new light now. Goodness.

    *teases teases* 😀

  3. @Niklas: What is it that surprises you exactly?!

    @Swapna: The keyword was “fictional”! 😛

  4. Oh nothing, nothing. I think it is very brave of you anyway. *Teases more*

  5. Hey, fun post! Loved reading – and now you’ve given me ideas! Btw, Miranda Bailey, Barbara Havers, Dana Scully – I’m beginning to understand your taste in women! 😎

    Btw, the actress who played Amy in Judging Amy (btw, I loved that show too, whatever little I managed to catch of it) was in Private Practice, the Grey’s Anatmoy spin-off – did you catch it? I found the show too annoying to sit through – though she, as always, was great.

    And I want to have a fling (or perhaps more. No, definitely more.) with Spike. And Wesley from ‘Angel’. And Gunvald Larsson. And Fox Mulder. And Rebus. And Dr Tony Hill from ‘Wire in the Blood’.

  6. What a fantastic list! I don’t blame you for admiring Jack’s sensibility more than wanting to sleep with him. Who knows what sort of diseases he has picked up from giant alien slugs or whomever else he’s romanced (Ianto not included, maybe there’s some fancy TW protection they can spray on when they’re plant!porning).

    Also, I’m happy to see Bailey and Judge Gray. They’re awesome characters. :mrgreen: I forgive you for stealing Tosh and Scully. Sort of! 👿

  7. @Proteeti: Rebus?!! And as for Tony Hill… you do know he’s impotent, right? *evil smirk*

    @Kate: I thought being from the 51st century means he has this highly evolved immune system, but then you can’t trust someone who is likely to have slept with giant alien slugs, can you?

  8. Hey evil smirker – I do know – but don’t you go spoiling my fun!! I thought this was supposed to be fantasy? 😡

  9. Perhaps next time, time can be saved by making a list of fictional characters you wouldn’t wanna sleep with. *tease tease tease* :mrgreen:

    Oooh, and even if mr 51th century’s immune system is great, he might still be a carrier of nastyness. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_history_of_American_indigenous_peoples#Depopulation_from_disease

  10. Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to put in Booth and Bones from Bones!

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