Batting on 33!

And so another year goes by — in fact, they are going by faster and faster lately. That said, even approaching mid-30s doesn’t seem to have tarnished the joy of getting presents. Or maybe I’m just greedy!

Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, I had a party this year. Just five people, including myself, but that’s quite a party by my standards. There was wine and cake and great food.

As for the presents department, I did very well. ;-]

There’s supposed to be a new web design to download (like there is every year during my birthday), but this time I had a special visitor who kept me otherwise occupied!


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  1. It doesn’t count that you did well on the presents department unless you can make a list of them and show it to everyone. So there.

  2. A happy belated birthday to you. 😛 I’m glad you had a fun time at your party and with your visitor. :mrgreen:

    Yeah, what did you get!

  3. Yes, where’s the list? And I hope you stuffed yourself silly with chocolate cake – that’s the whole point of birthdays! 😛

    And who’s the mystery visitor? 😕

  4. The list, well… 😳

    A quilt (those Anokhi ones), a pair of really cool mugs, money (from parents with which I got an electric kettle, sheets and a jacket so far; a pair of track pants is yet to be bought). Apart from that, there’s some pending stuff… somebody hints at a package for me :-), and another friend is sending me a book!


  5. Eek, what am I getting you? (That said, where’s my present?) *giggle*

  6. Ack! You’ll DEFINITELY have it by your 40th! 😛

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