Make Bangalore safe again

Can there be anything worse than not feeling safe? For women on Bangalore’s roads looking over their shoulders in apprehension is a new feeling. The one thing we felt in Bangalore was safe, and now that is no longer true, thanks to a group of misguided people who feel that attacking innocent people is how one asserts “culture”.

Various individuals and groups are involved in fighting back in any way possible. If you’re in Bangalore, consider attending the Take Back the Night Campaign on 8 March at Majestic. Find out more about what you can do here.

Sign the online petition to add your voice to the protest against these unprovoked attacks.


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  1. I fears people asserting culture violently is the least of nightly dangers though. Getting robbed or raped or both, or just beaten up for no particular reason, probably happens more than 80 times every night.

    If this is a new form of hate crime, it is very important to make it not acceptable at once. So me signed *nodnod*

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