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Feet on the Street, 8/3/09Feet on the Street was a 5 km charity run, the first of it’s kind in Bangalore. The idea was two-fold: to get people of all ages and all walks of life to start running for fun, and also collect money for charity. The proceeds from this run went to Dream a Dream.

This was my second 5 km run in a month (after Auroville), and I’m happy to report that this time I was slightly better prepared. My timing was far better (40 minutes in Auroville; 36 minutes on the treadmill; and 30 minutes today), and I think I paced myself reasonably well.

The route was a 2.5 km loop that we had to go around twice, and the organizers encouraged us to run, walk or traverse, as we felt like it. One didn’t have to finish, as it was just a charity event with no timings; the idea was to enjoy ourselves.

As far as organization goes, it was pretty well done. There were around 200 runners, from about 5 years to 70-plus. There were refreshment spots with Electral, water and glucose biscuits available at every 1.25 km point, which was nice. Runners for Life (RFL) and Dream a Dream volunteers were around, and they were available to talk about running.

RFL, in association with Nike Run Club, is organizing training sessions for the Bangalore Sunfeast 10k run in May, and registered members can avail of training from a professional coach free of cost.

All this is wonderful, of course, but what feels best is being part of something. Hopefully, I shall keep running!

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  1. Hurrahs! I’m very pleased to see you stole the loveliest number. I like to think I’ve been rubbing off a bit 😀 Your number is the same from both directions and thus mirror safe. Mirror safety could be very important should it turn out that you can open portals in mirrors. I’ve read about it happening. I’ve also read about demons coming in through portals so it is good that you practice running too.

    200 runners weren’t lots lots considering your population :/ But I guess people avoid the charity bit like the plague. Or simply have more sense than to run around in the heat. I didn’t mean to call you senseless. That was just a bonus 🙂

    You look a lot like your sister. I’m thinking it must be because you are related. Odd how things work out logically like that. *pounders*

  2. Actually, it was kinda cold in the morning… so I guess more intelligent people were safely tucked up in bed :-/

  3. You do look a lot like your sister. Yes, the related thing must be it. 😉 200 isn’t bad for the first of it’s kind.

    It’s really impressive that you’ve done two runs in a month!

  4. Wow – I am so envious of just how fit you must be!!! And you guys are so lucky – wish stuff like this happened in Cal.

    And it was great to see pictures of you for once!! 🙂 Though I really can’t get over the length of your hair!

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