Devil’s workshop

It’s a funny thing, but a universal truth: doing nothing is incredibly tiring. It’s also very funny how one feels so completely unproductive without a deadline hanging over one’s jugular. Why is it that the ideas start to flow only at a time when things are insanely busy?

With no pressing work (as in work that pays bills), this would be the perfect time to:

  1. Finish up a proposal I’m writing to get someone interested in one of my projects.
  2. Really get going with Kinnel’s Prison.
  3. Finalize that long-overdue makeover of my websites.
  4. Do more book reviews. (Because one of the things I am doing is reading a lot.
  5. Update my blog more often!

On a more positive note, here is what I have been doing:

  1. Reading: Currently Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.
  2. Watching: Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy and Remington Steele.
  3. Socializing: Oh yes, you read right! With an old school friend who’s in town, and with people at the gym.
  4. Training: For the Bangalore 10k in May, though may not be able to particpate as parents will be in town, and due to leave that day.
  5. Trying to keep the Devil’s Workshop at bay.

Now if only I could start writing! Thanks to Katie, though, I do have a writing assignment — with a penalty for not completing — so there’s motivation!


5 Replies to “Devil’s workshop”

  1. Maybe you are a littlte too busy, Payal Bug. You spelled jugular, socializing, and incredibly wrong 🙁

    😆 I lied! Did your heart miss a beat?

  2. Damn it, you got me!


  3. Blog about the other workshop, the Kanpur one. Yes, I’m busy shamelessly publicizing it on the net. Spread the word!

  4. It has been on my agenda. 😉

  5. Wow – with so much to do, how can you even complain of not having ‘work’? But I get that about paying bills – sometimes I find myself unable to do so even with work!!

    Btw, did a blog post on Fred Vargas – do read when you can. And yeah, been a while since I read reviews here.

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