Share us! just went share-happy. It is now possible to share posts and pages through social bookmarking/networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and the like.

All this is achieved thanks to the Sociable plugin from Easy to set up, Sociable brings a choice of almost 100 social bookmarking sites, including options to e-mail, print or create PDFs of your posts and pages. A drawback: there is no share count.

The verdict: Still taking this sharing business out for a spin. There are issues to iron out and other plugins to test.


4 Replies to “Share us!”

  1. I tried it on twitter! 😀

    1. Did it work? 😀

      (Now’s let’s see if I can fix the E problem!)

      1. Yups! It did work!

  2. With Niklas’s help, the E problem is now fixed (I think).

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