Saturday Night Freeware: Ivory Mahjongg Solitaire

Ivory Mahjongg SolitaireThere was a point when I was addicted to mahjongg games. I tried quite a few of them, even some online versions. However, I think I’ve found my favourite in Ivory Mahjongg Solitaire, this week’s Saturday Night Freeware.

Ivory is free for the Mac OS, Windows and Linux platforms, and comes at a nominal cost of $1.99 for the iPhone/iPad touch (though you can try a limited version free from the App Store). For those new to mahjongg, it is a Chinese tile matching game, and called mahjongg solitaire if played by a single person. You need to click on matching free tiles to make them “disappear”, the goal being to eliminate all your tiles. It sounds simple, but is fairly challenging because freeing up tiles is not always as easy as it looks.

Ivory gives you a number of tile sets (Dragon, Arena and Deep Well are my favourites), with 3D graphics so you can tilt your board to get a better view of tiles. More features are lined up, and the makers welcome your inputs. It appears to be a bit of a resource guzzler in its present avatar, though you’ll be okay if you have a reasonably recent system. There are no other complaints I can find.

A big thank you to creators Jeremy Karlson and Leigh Peterson for sharing this game with the world. Please buy them some coffee if you have played and liked it.


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  1. Ooh, I thought it was way more tricky! With insane rules on the level of collector card games. But this is like Pairs but facing up.

  2. thx

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