Moving to a new home

Even as I was making arrangements to get all my things transported from one city to the other, was also busy moving home. The formalities and technicalities are all complete now, and has moved in at Stablehost. It was recommended by Marie.

This was all a result of my old host, Ion Web, terminating services. It wasn’t all smooth, since I wasn’t informed of this and only found out when my site wouldn’t load. However, David of Ion Web was great, as usual, and helped me retrieve a full cPanel backup of my site. Subsequently, Stablehost were able to restore my site from it. I lost a couple of blog posts, but overall, everything else seems to be working fine. [UPDATE: Thanks to sweet and kind Niklas, all posts and comments have been retrieved and replaced.]

It is early days at Stablehost yet, but I’ve been very happy with the service and the response times. They were also forthcoming with responses before I purchased anything.

I’m quite sad about Ion Web shutting shop, though. I had over five years of happy and hassle-free hosting with them, and here’s hoping that Stablehost will be equally smooth sailing.


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  1. Payaling Dharling, since I’m such a kind boy, you can have any lost posts and comments from me 🙂 They are all stuck in my feed reader.

    1. Yay! Since you are such a kind and sweet boy, will you mail them to me? 😀

      1. Well, since they are actually stuck in my feed reader, I can’t email you them as such. I can email the back-end storage files for the feeds. Or copy paste the directly from the appie but I don’t think that gives you the original formating. I’ll try that first anyhow 🙂

  2. Ha! I got an update!

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