2011: A report card

Well, 2011 has more or less rolled by, and it’s time to take stock:

  • January: Was alone on my birthday for the first time in my life. It was horrible.
  • February: Got over the January trauma and tootled off to Delhi for the customary two months.
  • March: Helped SV find a house and move. Wise choice, since I’ll be spending a lot of time here. It’s on top of Mount Everest, though (i.e., fourth floor [fifth, if you’re American]). Writeside.net finally gets a new look after almost four years.
  • April: Back in Bangalore and starting to think I’m getting sick of the constant motion. Also, N had his first Happy-To (figure it out yourself!).
  • May: Satin is finally out. Parents’ annual Bangalore visit — pigged out on lots of great food.
  • June: Off to Delhi yet again, with hopes of planning a Grand Trip to Europe in the near future. Started work at Geo. Writeside.net gets hacked, but is salvaged eventually.
  • July: By now I am juggling two jobs, basically. There are good days and bad. The Grand Trip falling together bit by bit…
  • August: Finally! Off to Denmark and Sweden, with a whiff of Finald. Fall in love with Denmark. Meet lots of lovely people — Mattias, Bjarne, Susanne.
  • September: Meet Niklas for real. He’s funny! Make another interesting friend in Sweden — Atika. Jet-lagged and depressed after return. Dive right into work — with my only colleague on sabbatical, it turns out to be a bloody nightmare.
  • October: Still standing, and suddenly aware that haven’t been “home” in almost five months! Having two jobs now stinks despite the happy bank balance.
  • November: Finally get a chance to return to Bangalore and pack up my house and things. Heartbroken.
  • December: Still has to sink in that I’m now back in Delhi lock, stock and barrell. Not a good month personally for various other reasons, but hey, the year is almost over.

Overall, a regular sort of mixed year — some good stuff, some not-so-good stuff. But still standing, with plans for 2012, so can’t complain. From a writing perspective, this was a crappy year, though. Must have written the sum total of 3 short stories and not finished a single book.

Let’s take a look on how I did with my 2011 “resolutions”:

  • A fitness regime: Pass. More or less. Have been doing yoga off and on.
  • Regular book reviews on books.writeside.net: Resounding fail.
  • Web designing and WordPress-related stuff: Um… borderline. Did redo Writeside.net, and also some other design work this year.
  • The Ms. Meany novel: Eep. Fail. But I have been working on another novel.
  • Photography: Hmm… not as good as I’d have hoped.

So that’s that for 2011. Time to think up new resolutions for 2012!


5 Replies to “2011: A report card”

  1. Ha! I’m in your blog post 🙂

    For 2012, you should quit drinking and smoking excessively, try to get your BMI below 40, and stop stealing candy from children just to make them cry.

    Just kidding…you are fine the way you are! 😀

  2. First comment! Yeah!

    Let us both be better at writing next year.

  3. so 2011 wasn’t so bad. Well 2012 is sure to be better, even if you need to climb Mt Everest to meet your friends. And why didn’t I know your B’day is in Jan? Date? Date?

    1. 24. 😀 And when is yours?

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