Mobile phone blues

Nokia C2-00After a long-drawn-out battle with my once-trusty old Nokia E51, I finally decided (with a heavy heart) to part ways with it. Thoroughly disgruntled by the choice of phones available these days (the proliferation of third-rate touch screens, the overemphasis on cameras and how many social networking sites you can connect to), I decided to go with the lowest-end possible with my essential feature list, which is:

  • Dual sim capability
  • Making calls and sending messages.
  • Accessing the Net.
  • Tethering to my computer.

The result was the Nokia C2-00. Nothing special to look at — in fact, it is terribly plasticky (what you pay for is what you get!) — but it seems to have more or less all I want (except support for the Gmail App 🙁 ). The dual standby SIM lets me use both my Bangalore and Delhi numbers on the same phone, and my favourite feature so far is the shortcuts bar, which can be configured to make my most frequently used features accessible from the home screen.

It has two other things my lovely, now-lost Nokia E51 didn’t — the ability to set the snooze interval for the alarm clock and a stopwatch/timer (which will be useful while doing yoga).

Here’s hoping it tides me over for the next few years.

Merry Christmas to myself!


3 Replies to “Mobile phone blues”

  1. That looks very simple indeed. Kinda like my ancient cell with actual buttons and all. Maybe you could tie a pink ribbon around it to make it feel a bit more hip? You wouldn’t want it to be upset and refuse calls from those fancy phones with touch screens and all.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this short review, I’ve got almost the same requirements so my choice also converges towards this mobile. Did you successfully use bluetooth tethering with your computer? I’ve read in other forum that it is not possible…
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Yes, I did. I use it as a backup Internet connection. Works beautifully, but only with the primary SIM.

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