2014 Special: 52 weeks of reading and writing

I’m not quite sure why we get all excited about the new year. Apart from the fact that you have to get used to writing 2014 instead of 2013, nothing’s changed, has it? I, for one, am doing the same thing I was doing at this time yesterday—drinking a cup of tea, sitting at my computer, checking to see if anyone’s online to chat (no, but that may be because it’s 2:09 a.m.), and worrying about where my next work assignment will come from.

But one thing the new year does do is give us a convenient excuse to wipe the slate clean, set the counter back to zero, shake out some clean sheets, dust off the cobwebs… well, you know. In my case, I’m taking advantage of the newness of the calender to inject some life into the flagging spirits of my blog. So here’s the plan for 2014: Writer’s Log promises to deliver “52 Weeks of Reading & Writing”.

In short, each week in 2014 will see a new post about books, whether the making of them or the consuming of them. I’m hoping there will be reviews and discussions about the stuff people are reading (and writing), though mostly it’ll be me rambling on about all the booky things I’ve been up to. See, I’ve even got a button:
52 2eeks

Every marathon begins with one step; sometimes you trip over your own feet and end up flat on your face, but let’s think happy thoughts, shall we? In fact, let’s go so far as to get a bit inspired:

And so, onwards along a path of wisdom, with a hearty tread, a hearty confidence! However you may be, be your own source of experience! Throw off your discontent about your nature; forgive yourself your own self, for you have in it a ladder with a hundred rungs, on which you can climb to knowledge.
(Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human)

Hmm, not a bad thought to start the year with. And there I go, caught up in the spirit of the season, so Happy New Year! And don’t forget to check back for Week #1 in a couple of days.


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