A few good reasons

So much to do, so little time. Well, it always feels good to know my blog is being ignored for a good reason, but the truth of the matter is, I’ve always been terrible at managing time. How, despite that, I end up managing a freelance career is a mystery. Anyhow, here’s my list of excuses this time.


For obvious reasons — including, but not restricted to, various people (who will eventually contribute to my bank account) chasing me with murderous objects — I can’t go into details. But in short, there are few editing projects unfolding around me right now. One of them is a very exciting across-the-seas collaboration, about which I hope to write in detail early in 2014.


Thanks to a gift from Marie, I have a new game to play: Bastion. It’s an action RPG, with a quirky turn of phrase, stunning art work, and some interesting world building. I was supposed to return to Hitman: Absolution and Mass Effect 3, but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen this year.

And when the twain meet…

Well, I’ve never been in a phase when I’m working on two books at the same time, and certainly not two that are so completely different from each other. More in detail later, but…

  1. Amazing Grace: is supposed to be part four of the Shadow in Eternity/Maya trilogy. It takes place four years after the events in the Timeless Land—when our young Defenders fear that the Warriors may be regrouping—and attempts to tie up some loose ends. My publishers haven’t shown an interest in this yet, so Amazing Grace will be an ebook.
  2. Slightly Burnt is the working title of a young adult novel that will be my first that has no fantasy element in it—so, no magic, no new worlds, no special powers, no supernatural creatures. It is the story of a sixteen-year-old girl who finds out that her best friend is keeping a big secret from the world.
  3. There wasn’t supposed to be a number three when I started this list, but I should add, the Shadow in Eternity series will soon be available in ebook format. 🙂

Right, then, back to work *cough* I go!


3 Replies to “A few good reasons”

  1. I will buy Amazing Grace…assuming you ever finish! We will not speak of my own writing projects.

    Bastion has some pretty nifty music and that narrator really makes the game. Of course I had no idea I would be distracting you from Mass Effect 3.

  2. You won’t have to buy Amazing Grace since it’ll be a free ebook. But I have to finish it since I’m commissioning cover art. Ack!

  3. I know you’ve said you have a hard time with time management but it looks like you’ve got a great balance of projects and play! Balance is the most important part, after all. It’s a great list.

    Amazing Grace should have a donation button if it’s going to be released for free. What do you think?

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