Week #44: Slightly Burnt, the finished goods

52 weeks of reading and writing

Slightly BurntYesss, it’s here! Slightly Burnt is hot off the press and I’m told copies are going out to bookshops tomorrow! :mrgreen:

Slightly Burnt is a book about being different. About what happens when we don’t follow the rules that society has laid down for each of us. So what do you when you have a secret that the world doesn’t want to know about? Who do you tell?

Komal’s best friend Sahil has a secret that he can’t speak of, because he knows that ‘the world just wants us to be convenient’. The only person he can tell is Komal, but she doesn’t know how to deal with it either. Would it have been better for Sahil to have kept his mouth shut and lied to himself? Does it mean the end of a twelve-year friendship?

Pricing details, buy links and more information about the Bookaroo 2014 session for Slightly Burnt will be along soon. Meanwhile, read the blurb here.


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  1. Very intriguing, Payal! Dying to read it!

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