Week #45: Eating the sky, drinking the ocean

52 weeks of reading and writing

Two things arrived this week: (a) Z, because of whom I became an aunt for the second time; and (b) copies of Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean!

While is Z is busy getting used to the new world and will lie low in the nearish future, we’re having a grand old song and dance about Eat the Sky. If you’re in Delhi, Bangalore or Kolkata, do join us:

  • Delhi: 15 November, Oxford Bookstore, CP, 11 am
  • Bangalore: 16 November, Oxford Bookstore, 1 MG Mall, 4 pm
  • Kolkata: 19 November, Oxford Bookstore, Park Street, 5 pm

(Click on the invites for bigger images)

Delhi inviteBangalore inviteKolkata invite


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  1. A hearty welcome to Z and Eat the Sky!!!! Let us hope Z and sibling don’t take the title of the book too seriously.

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