Reviews #3, #4, #5: The Tamanna Trilogy

52 reviews of 2015I met the author Andaleeb Wajid at Bookaroo in Delhi last November and was most excited to find that she had written a time-travel series. We got talking, with me hoping I could pinch an idea or two on how to get my Satin series out of the time-travel mess I’ve created, but then I made an even more exciting discovery: she is a terrific baker too.

Her three Tamanna books are about a 16-year-old girl who accidentally ends up in 1982. And subsequently—need I spell it out?—complications result. Click for detailed reviews:

Tamanna Trilogy #1: No Time for Goodbyes
Tamanna Trilogy #2: Back in Time
Tamanna Trilogy #3: Time Will Tell

DISCLAIMER: It’s a complete lie that I started reading the Tamanna Trilogy to get into Andaleeb’s good books so she’ll feed me brownies the next time I’m in Bangalore.


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