Another candle to the cake

Time to add another candle to the cake. It’s another thing that the cake might bake itself with the heat from those 2,000 candles. Speaking of cakes—that’s three cakes in three sentences (well, four)—it’s a homemade one this year, baked by my father. Not enough space for 39 candles, though.

It’s a different birthday in another sense as well. For a change, I’m away from home, spending it with my parents and extended family in Kolkata. This is partly accidental, since it coincided with a four-day weekend, but it’s put my granny in a very good mood and given various other relatives a reason to eat, drink and make merry (not that they need much encouragement).

Right then, so I won’t pretend very seriously to take stock of 2014. The truth is, I don’t remember too much of it, it was such a blur. I had two books out, got one new nephew, and went to Germany and Singapore—that’s not a bad tally. (And I did not finish writing Amazing Grace, so Marie may pull out my nails slowly if she wants.)

What do I want to do in 2015? Well, here are five things:

  1. Stay enrolled in some class or another, be it Zumba, Urdu reading group or swimming.
  2. Write (finish) at least another novel.
  3. Write one short story a month (Gargi, feel free to prod me with something sharp!).
  4. Crochet a shawl. Don’t laugh—I managed an entire baby blanket in 2014.
  5. Finish Amazing Grace.
  6. Redo the design of this website.

All right, that was six things, but I’m old and I can’t count any more.


2 Replies to “Another candle to the cake”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday! I am always so busy celebrating my daughter’s birthday on the same day that I forget to login and wish you!
    Consider this my first prod for the short story! Next prod will be next week 🙂

  2. Thank you. Have I told you, by the way, that I’ve always wanted to share my birthday (but NOT presents!) with someone and am thrilled to discover such a someone late in life?!

    Re short story: oops! Am getting home from holiday tomorrow and will hop to it!

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