Miles to go… [Updated]

Well, my list of things to do only seems to get longer and longer, so I’m going to get organized. In other words, I shall make a list!

Meanwhile, enjoy the cover of the Turkish edition of A Shadow in Eternity. (For more—and especially if you can read Turkish—check out the Carpe Diem Kitap site.)

In no particular order:

  1. Renew domains
  2. Convert entire site to Word Press [Not happening, I think!]
  3. Do the Halvard Castle site [Nearly done!]
  4. Finish pending copy-editing work *PRIORITY* 😳
  5. Get mobile phone fixed before warranty runs out
  6. Finish writing The Timeless Land (book 3 of the Halvard series)
  7. Update more often
  8. Organize documents to do taxes
  9. Get serious about writing another book
  10. Find some more work so I can earn more money!
  11. Do more web designs
  12. Work on PHP
  13. Learn how to theme sNews

Well, let’s see how that goes…


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  1. kat


    I’m very evil for not checking for an update last week! 😯

    *looks at list and nods, nods* And also a mic!

  2. Reply

    I might if Alpana had decided to let me know she was back from Singapore or wherever she had gone! 👿

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