Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey?

“How can I think of leaving Liverpool after a night like this?”

Was what Steven Gerrard had to say after he lifted the Champions League trophy for Liverpool in May. Five weeks later, though, “talks had broken down” and he was flashing his legs at Chelsea for, what was it? £32 million?!

(The significant other interupts here to say, “Sell the bugger and buy Zidane!”)

Anyway, more see-sawing followed, and as things stand right now, Gerrard has had another change of heart. According to the BBC, he and Rick Parry (club chairman) had a right royal boo-hoo over the phone and made up with each other. (Well, all right, I’m taking some liberties—it’s my blog!)

What drives football transfers is probably beyond simple beings such as us, but there’s a perverse pleasure in speculating over the professional lives of people who are in a position to cock a snook at £100,000 A WEEK! I mean, come on, I haven’t earned anything remotely close to that much in total in seven YEARS of my working life.

Of course, one doesn’t know the real story, but it’s still a disappointing show from someone who is considered a talisman in the club. All I can hope is that it wasn’t just about the money. Which makes me wonder: what exactly does one do with £100,000 a week?! It could feed an entire country!

Well, at least the lad had the decency to offer to give up the captaincy.

*Shrug* What can I say? Live long and prosper, Stevie. Might as well do it in Liverpool… or you’ll find yourself walking very alone!


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  1. Sandeep ( Zachariah Joseph) says: Reply

    Hey Payal, site looks very good.

    Yup, Gerrard ofcourse staying for money….like I told you , “its all about the money”.

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    good luck!!!!

  2. You haven’t updated in awhile. I’m bored. Therefore, you need to update!

  3. I know :-p ! I plan to update tonight.

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