52 reviews of 2015

Last year’s blogging project was a success, enough to ensure that Writeside.net got some traffic, made enough money to cover hosting bills and kept me writing. Thus, it’s no surprise that I’m all excited about flagging off another blogging project for 2015. Yep, you’re right—this year it’s all going to be about reviews. The original […]

Week #51: Five writing styles to try

Making plans is easy; it’s carrying them out that’s the hard part. But what would be the fun in never making plans at all? So here’s another of my lists of things to try some day—in this case, writing styles/options/whatever to attempt. Collaboration Albeit the collaborative effort that was Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean […]

Week #49: Blog plans for 2015

It’s Week #49 already and I can’t believe 52 Weeks of Reading and Writing has been (more or less) a success, even though trying to to co-opt a couple of other bloggers didn’t quite work out. However, I’m pleased—and somewhat surprised—to report that I managed to stick to my own weekly schedule, apart from a […]