A new year, a new plan

Fair warning: This is the mandatory birthday post, so run now if you must. Of course, no two birthdys are the same, but this year is doubly memorable. For not only do I turn 40, which is sort of bittersweet by itself, but it’s also ten years of being an author, which certainly feels quite […]

Week #42: Thinking about language

The offspring of my sibling is awaiting a brother or sister any day now. Thus, every morning, the first question that gets asked is: “Has Zoe [the name given to the impending baby (I don’t know why!)] camed out yet?” No amount of coaxing and explaning has resulted in a grammatical correction. In fact, we’re […]

Where’s the cake?!

Yes, it’s time to bring out the cake (chocolate only, please) and blow out the candles. Maybe since I’m turning 1048 years old, it really shouldn’t matter any more, but until all my brain cells decay, I don’t think I’ll stop getting excited about my birthday. Which is mostly because I love presents. The 37-year-old […]