Where’s the cake?!

Yes, it’s time to bring out the cake (chocolate only, please) and blow out the candles. Maybe since I’m turning 1048 years old, it really shouldn’t matter any more, but until all my brain cells decay, I don’t think I’ll stop getting excited about my birthday. Which is mostly because I love presents. The 37-year-old […]


Edison’s quote about genius being 99 per cent perspiration and 1 per cent inspiration has long since crossed over into the realm of the cliché. Not that most of us have any claims to genius-hood, but even then, without that aforementioned 1 per cent, the grind of the remaining 99 would be unbearable. So what […]

What happened at Geo

Don’t believe everything you might have read about Outlook having decided to shut down three of their international magazines, Marie Claire, People and Geo. “We are not renewing our licences for these three international titles,” was the tame and completely reasonable explanation that Indranil Roy, president, Outlook Group, gave regarding the closures. But the way […]

An uneasy silence

To what do I owe this particular silence? Well, there’s a long answer and a short answer. The short answer is: work. The long one is a bit more complex. Over the past two years I’ve been working at GEO magazine. This is my first “proper” job, as in where I need to go into […]

The iPad as a parenting tool

There’s this funny story doing the rounds—about a young couple raising their two kids in modern-day urban India. When their first came along, they had higher ideals about the good and proper way to raise a child, in which the idiot box had no part. By the time the second emerged, they had significantly more […]

Comfort food

A craving for curd rice? How unglamorous! Until last week, when I was laid low by a stomach bug, I wasn’t even aware of how much I love curd rice. But after spending the better part of the week spent eating a variety of boiled things, the craving hit. I could almost smell the mustard […]

Can’t buy you love

Something strange happened today—I almost found myself in agreement with HT City. “Are we being conned?” screamed the headlines, asking if Valentine’s day was a gimmick thought up to line the pockets of sellers of pink and heart-shaped things. Unfortunately, a closer look revealed that the placement of the story was probably a gimmick itself. […]