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Book review: Come, before Evening Falls

29 July 2016
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Yesterday, at the Scholastic Writing Awards ceremony in Delhi, I ran into the author Manjul Bajaj. We were only introduced to the each other just as we were leaving, but we had a nice walk down the stairs talking about a mutual writer friend, Monideepa Sahu. Anyway, I digress…

Meeting Manjul reminded me of a book of hers that I liked very much and had reviewed, but in one of the design updates, it had got culled from the reviews section. So here it is again, a review of Manjul Bajaj’s Come, before Evening Falls, a haunting story of forbidden love, set in the Rohtak in British India. Though the story takes place in the early 20th century, what is terrifyingly disturbing is that, take the dates away, and it would ring just as true in the present day.

Click here for the full review



Hello 2016, bye 2015

1 January 2016
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2016Oh well, time for the traditional end-of-year/beginning-of-another post. A somewhat sheepish one, for 2015 was a year wasted. In all fairness, some of it was out of my control, but some definitely of my own making.

Here’s what my plan for the year was and how I fared:

  1. Another 52 weeks of blogging. (Done!)
  2. Start on Satin 2. (I thought about it many times. Does that count?)
  3. Go swimming in the summer. (I went twice. :D)
  4. Learn a language. (Um… I already know four…)
  5. And, of course, try to finish Amazing Grace. (I didn’t finish it, but I made a decent amount of progress.)

And this wasn’t on the list, but there’s a new design ready for Writeside.net. Now I just have to code it…

The list for 2016 is:

  1. Implement the new design for Writeside.net.
  2. FINISH WRITING A BOOK! No, seriously, I’ve got four of them going right now.
  3. Stay healthier than I managed in 2015 (shouldn’t be too difficult!).
  4. Travel somewhere fun.
  5. Work on the workshops (details later, if relevant).
  6. Play more games.

Happy 2016 in case you’re reading this. May you read lots of wonderful books or write some yourself—and may other good things happen too.


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Review #10: My Brother’s Wedding

15 March 2015
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52 reviews of 2015Insane. Hilarious. Nerve-wracking. Noisy. These are just some of the adjectives that can describe an Indian Wedding. Andaleeb Wajid’s My Brother’s Wedding is all about the insanity, hilarity and other things that ensue when Saba decides to blog about her brother’s upcoming wedding.

What starts out as a promised chronicle of a ‘typical Muslim wedding in detail’ gets a little more complicated when Saba suddenly finds herself embroiled in a little romance of her own. Then there is Ammi fretting about doing things Just Right, Abbu alarmed at the way the family coffers are diminishing, her siblings being decidely peculiar, her best friend getting at her for not taking her writing seriously, it’s no wonder that Saba wants to bury her problems in the anonymity of cyberspace.

Read the full review here.



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