Week #49: Blog plans for 2015

It’s Week #49 already and I can’t believe 52 Weeks of Reading and Writing has been (more or less) a success, even though trying to to co-opt a couple of other bloggers didn’t quite work out. However, I’m pleased—and somewhat surprised—to report that I managed to stick to my own weekly schedule, apart from a […]

Review: The Torment of Others

If you’re a reader of crime fiction, you’re likely to have an impassioned opinion on the pair of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. I doubt there is any fictional duo that has frustrated me quite as much as them. Yet, these two creations of Val McDermid’s fertile imagination has me going back again and again […]

Moving to a new home

Even as I was making arrangements to get all my things transported from one city to the other, Writeside.net was also busy moving home. The formalities and technicalities are all complete now, and Writeside.net has moved in at Stablehost. It was recommended by Marie. This was all a result of my old host, Ion Web, […]

A refreshed WP 3.2

Now you can compose your WordPress posts and pages on a blank screen without the distractions of a menu, buttons and so on. The fullscreen writing mode (or zen mode) is one of the new features of the recently released WordPress 3.2. Simply click on the Fullscreen button and watch as everything fades away, leaving […]

Laid low!

Writeside.net was laid low by a hacker attack today. It must have happened some time between last evening and this morning. As you can see, we’re back on our feet, so looks like all’s well that ends well. There were thousands of files that had been added to the site, which I managed to get […]

Share us!

Writeside.net just went share-happy. It is now possible to share posts and pages through social bookmarking/networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and the like. All this is achieved thanks to the Sociable plugin from BlogPlay.com. Easy to set up, Sociable brings a choice of almost 100 social bookmarking sites, including options to e-mail, print […]

Reboot successful!

Hallelujah! Finally managed to redesign Writeside.net. It was many years coming, thus the theme is named “Belated”. It’s based on an old design of mine. (To be honest, the theme was looking much better while I was designing it; it’s lost its charm after all the hard work and sleepless nights.) Extensive changes have taken […]